Thank you for checking out my T-Party here on the web.

The purpose for this site is two-fold...To bring healing and hope to all who wish to participate.

It started out as a simple and fun idea while working on some TV and movie sets in the Fall of 2006. On every set that I work on I bring bubbles, magic, balloon animals and games and I make all of the 'extras' play while in holding (where quite frankly it can get a little boring) :-)

At some point in the day I share my story that I have full blown AIDS and NO ONE ever believes me...They tell me that I have more energy than everyone put together and I would share with them "That's because I am remarkably and overwhelming grateful just to be alive and be a part of this magic"

I then let them know that my doctor recently informed me that I had only '27' T-Cells in my body....(most people have over a 1,000). My response to my doctor was "That's one more than 26, so Praise Jesus!"

I began joking with my new friends on the movie and tv sets about the T-cell delemma and would ask them "Could you spare just ONE T-cell?" They would all smile and say "Sure" and then 'mime' taking one from their personage and putting in on my personage...

After a couple of months of this, I began to think "Waaaaait a minute...I think we're on to something..." And thus began "Mikes T Party" and I started asking people on the internet and in person if they could give up just one of their T-cells to help with my healing process in a 'visulization' way...I asked people to be 'creative' and actually make fun, goofy Ts that would help with the healing process. My first T was from a wonderful young lady who sent me the "Dancing T." For those of you who know me, you know this was the PERFECT choice!

A science class at Woodrow Wilson Middle School in Glendale, CA constructed 72 'Ts' with messages of hope and inspiration. People have sent me Ts from all over the world including Hawaii and a soldier fighting in Iraq.

One woman thanked me for letting her be a part of my healing process and pointed out that it SHOULD be a community process, for ANY disease or illness...that's why we're all here, to help one another...I couldn't agree more...

As of today (August 11th, 2007) I have close to 100 T-Cells collected. I got my recent T-cell count recently and it's down to only '5' right now...but those 5 T-cells in my body are living the most extraordinary life of anyone I know.

Please join me and be a part of history...Help me to show the world that we do have the power within to bring change and to heal the world and each other. I want the site to be completely open to anyone who wants to take a T or two or more for their own visualization healing process.

Eventually, I would love it if everyone starts their own T-Party on the net...encouraging their friends and families and some strangers to be a part of healing the world...It all starts with a "T" :-)

The great thing is that it doesn't cost a cent...just some compassion and a willness to part with a 'T' :-) I had some people say "Here's 100 of my T-cells" and the gesture is great but not needed...I want as many people to be involved with this life changing event which some have said is the "New AIDS Quilt" of the New Millenium!

I can live with that (I'm honored to think about it).

Thank you again for visting our site...Please tell everyone you know about us and ask to them to stop by for some 'T' There will be monthly updates and we see my actual 'Ts' skyrocket through your kindness and compassion...These kind of actions are what will change the world all around us...

Peace, Blessings and Drink lots of "Ts"!